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Moisture Tester - Planter Monitor


Home Up Dickey-john Land Manager II Moisture Tester - Planter Monitor mini GAC Plus


Hand-held 20 Grain Moisture Tester

M20p  --$260.00

The M20P has the capability of testing up to twenty different grains. This new light weight, yet rugged unit allows you to scoop your sample or catch it as it flows from an auger, then test immediately.
It features an easy-to-read display and has a USB port for grain calibration uploads and language changes.

Slope adjustment allows precise adjustment of unit to match local elevator

Grain labels are listed on the easy-to-read display.

Sample averaging - can continuously store & average up to ten individual samples

USB port for grain calibration uploads and language changes

Rugged metal housing

No moving parts or screw-on caps

Dickey-john Planter Monitors


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