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 Outback and Hemisphere GPS release GPS Steering Systems with New Tilt Sensor


BASELINE HD  Pricing:  Now at $16,476.00 for single frequency RTK base station and a Rover GPS on the tractor which allows growers to eliminate row markers according to Outback.  This is a complete system that includes everything you need to get complete hydraulic control of your steering.  Your steering wheel does not turn in the cab.  This saves lots of time and prevents damage to inexperienced operators. 

You can start with the DGPS steering systems for much less money and add the BaselineHD at any time.  They are not recommending the cheaper DGPS system for planting but do feel they are good enough for spraying and fertilizer spreading.  

Outback Pricing:  New e-drive DGPS system for $7,487.00.

For More Information Contact:  Guidemytractor.com

Precision Ag Resources, Inc.

Tel: 1800-899-5502



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