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Dickey-john Land Manager II


Home Up Dickey-john Land Manager II Moisture Tester - Planter Monitor mini GAC Plus

Controls Granular, Liquid (flow based), Liquid (pressure based), and Anhydrous NH3   1-800-899-5502

$2,458.00 for Two Channel Land Manager II truck system will all harnessing, hydraulic valve, rate sensor, and valve driver.

 Unit controls Liquid (Flow or Pressure based), Granular, or NH3 applications.
 Two digital accessory inputs (Fan RPM, Hopper Level, NH3 Vapor Detector, etc.)
 One analog accessory input (Pressure Sensor, Temperature Sensor, etc.)
 Allows your current DICKEY-john CCS100 /CMS100 system to be easily & economically upgraded to a GPS compatible controller by simply replacing the consoles.
 A standard RS232 link allows software upgrades in the field and formal reporting data to be uploaded or downloaded, plus the ability to communicate with GPS systems for variable rate applications.
 No need to fumble with buttons to display user information because Land Managerô displays all information on one screen. Application Rate, Flow Rate or Pressure, Boom Status, Ground Speed, Channel Product Label, and Area Accumulation.
 Change languages* and English/Metric conversions with the touch of a button with no need to reprogram.
 Menu -driven programming and operation makes this unit one of the easiest controllers on the market to use.
 Application Libraries- Allows storage of up to 10 different configurations to make switching between applications a simple push of the button.
 Valve locking feature allows for instant product application when used in conjunction with vehicles boom shut-offs.
 Minimum ground speed override simulates a user defined ground speed to maintain pressure and a good spray pattern at low speeds (such as crossing a waterway) until you reach a user defined shut-off speed.
 Formal Reports - Log up to 10 individual reports containing information such as start/stop time, total product applied, area, and all information required for EPA reporting.
 Loading - Allows system to load from a nurse truck, unload granular material, and allows for safe agitation while in transit to the field.
 Monitors up to ten boom sections and displays on/off status on screen
 Granular programming allows for dual or single drag belt.
 Password Protection- Allows Supervisor or Manager to limit access to setup of configuration programming.
 Product Level Monitoring- Monitor amount of product remaining and set alarm points for low level notification.
 Tank Fill- Records the amount of liquid product loaded from the nurse tank to the sprayer when an optional flowmeter is installed on the tank fill line.
 Pump Shutoff Module- Together with the tank fill, the optional Pump Shutoff Module enables you to automatically shut your loading pump off when the desired product level in your tank has been reached.
 Built-in Service and Troubleshooting Menu.


For More Information Contact:

Precision Ag Resources, Inc.

Tel: 1800-899-5502


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