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Patented Soil Sampler works in all conditions.

From Massachusetts to West Virginia to South Georgia, the Simple Simon Soil Sampler works in frozen ground in winter and packed dry soil in the summer.  From sod to cotton stubble and clay to muck, this sampler augers to the correct depth every time.  Press Release  

Let GPS drive your tractor to eliminate error and operator fatigue. 

Three companies have introduced new AutoSteer products that control your steering hydraulics by GPS.  Trimble, AutoFarm, and Outback have introduced new Guidance systems that operate with Differential GPS.  The new single frequency RTK (base station) systems operate with a one inch gps error.(static) (2.5 cm)  Press Release  

[New!] Precision Ag Resources, Inc. Markets PAR228 GPS for yield monitor use at $195.00
Check out our newest GPS for under $200.00  Pick GPS for more details.
Now you can get lightbar function on your handheld computer.
See the Guidemate Handheld data sheet for more details.


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